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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Teenage Angst Has Paid Off Well

Yesterday, I was at the reception for the Peter E. Haas Public Service Award (Congratulations Jody!) when someone tapped my shoulder and informed me that I was having a wardrobe malfunction,

"Dude there's a large hole in your pants."

"No problem" I said, "I'll just put on my coat..."

"No dude, there is a seriously large hole in your pants."

Walking home with my coat tied around my waist (my first idea was actually, where's a stapler?) and ripped pants, I couldn't help but think, "Man, this is so grunge." It must be karma related to playing too much Nirvana lately.

The problem isn't isolated to that pair of pants. I pulled the next pair of pants out of the closet, and realized I needed to sew up the bottom of the left pant leg to make them wearable, the pair after that had a hole in the pocket big enough for my wallet to fall through, etc.

It looks like I either need to buy some more flannel or a new pair of pants...


  • At 1:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hey bmax, i know that this isn't the most appropriate forum for my questions, but i don't have an email address for you...
    are you going to be around labor day weekend in iowa? i'm trying to narrow down a list of people who could come to joe and i's wedding party and i would LOVE for you to be there, let me know!

  • At 11:45 PM, Blogger Bmax said…

    Hey meri,

    My email is (its on the left hand side under "email me" as well). You'll have to remind me when Labor Day is exactly. I get it and memorial day confused. Is it the one at the end of summer?


  • At 3:30 AM, Blogger DJ said…

    I think a better question for the rest of us would just be: When WILL u be in iowa again?


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