Bmax Comes Alive

I reckon that Bmax fellow swings by this corner now and then

Monday, November 27, 2006

Eat it and weep

Like most of you out there I had a delightful meal last Thursday, but I'm guessing that your meal was no match for mine last night. Arriving home at midnight after 7+ hours of travel, I was famished and needed to scrounge up something to eat before I could fall asleep. I had finished off my perishables last Tuesday, so the fridge and pantry were barren. Then I saw them gleaming on the countertop, two hot dog buns.

But what to put in these buns? No turkey, no ham, not even lettuce... Returning to the fridge I finally found it, the condiment for all occasions: ranch dressing.

Stale hot dog buns and ranch dressing, now thats what I call giving thanks!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Beat the Rush

I did it. I just barely squeeked by, but I beat the rush. Now, I'm not talking about the rush to get one of these new fangled video game player machines or the upcoming holiday shopping stampede soon to invade your local shoppingplex. Nope, I beat the rush to take down your halloween decorations before Thanksgiving. So, while the rest of you are slaving away tommorrow un-Jack-o-lanterning your porch and cleaning out cobwebs from the spooky reaches of your cellar, I'll be pre-Thanksing in a nice comfy lazyboy.

Tip of the Week: If you ever find yourself in a parking lot confronted by a gang of teenagers engaged in a brutal game of Monopoly, don't think that Free Parking or the Boardwalk will save you. They won't. I know from experience. (I'll just leave it to the reader to work out the details on that one...)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Get Out the Boat!

So, the elections have come and gone. Like many of the readers out there, I cast my lot into the vast sea of hanging chads. But unlike most of you, I only voted for two things:

Peace and Freedom

Now, I don't mean that I voted for any wishy-washy abstract liberal concept. No, I voted for the actual thing; The Peace and Freedom Party. For those of you looking to join at home, I have to inform you that the PFP is only recognized in California (maybe only in my county of Alameda, for that matter).

Some of you nattering nabobs of negativism may charge that I am throwing my vote away. But, let me quote from the offical PFP website:

These votes mark support for our program and a protest against the status quo. However, they are "wasted"

Aw schucks, well at least my vote to authorize the Berkeley City Council to impeach President Bush won't go unheeded...